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First-term Accomplishments


Three term Commission Chairperson (usually each commissioner serves one, 2-year term as Chairperson)

Spearheaded debt financing for Broadwater County Health Center for operational changes, advancing sale to Billings Clinic. Retained ownership of ambulance & continue to fund Future Ambulance purchases

Hospital sale proceeds used to silence all existing County debt

Purchased the former Opportunity Bank building to house the county Extension, Commissioners Meeting room, the ambulance, and storage

Upgraded the internet options for live broadcast of Commissioner meetings.


Demolished Grover Building and cleaned up hazardous site with incidental $500 cost to County.

Established targeted economic development district (TEDD) in South end of County. TEDD will generate $10 million in taxes, increase retail and small shop revenue, and provides for a South End Emergency Services facility for which plans are underway.

The Commission guided department heads and staff to finalize budgets for the beginning of the fiscal year rather than the historically accepted three months after.

New Growth and Subdivision Plans implemented using most up-to-date models available in Montana.

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