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"If we are going to mortgage our children's future, we should build them infrastructure that will last generations."  ~a  quote from a MACO participant
Our Projects:
*Broadband fiber internet throughout the county
*Fairgrounds projects:  4H pavilion, restrooms & wastewater system
*Targeted economic development district (Bridger Brewing)
*Emergency services building at south end of the county
*Completion of the solar project at south end of the county
*Stewarding the cleanup of the tire dump at north end of the county
*County-wide hardening of the roads with Permizine, environmentally friendly molasses and cob
*Encouraging MDT to expand highway from Silos to River Bridge to four lanes with turn lanes.

Why would I run for re-election? I want to complete these  projects I've been involved with from the beginning.


Conservatively, 30% of Broadwater County
properties are not currently assessed property taxes, while the State predicts a budget surplus of approximately $2 Billion.

We are successfully encouraging more appraisals.

Three bridges are in need of repair: Old Town, Toston and Meridian. Meridian is going into construction and the other two are under State-ordered closure.

The County has grown from 5,000 to 7,000 in the past two years, with most of the growth concentrated in the South end and around the Silos. Growth cannot be stopped, but it can be controlled.


The State of Montana, specifically the
Department of Revenue, determines property taxes. The County Commissioners have limited power to forgive property taxes on a case-by-case basis. Raising new taxes can only be done by mill levy increase voted on by the people. Property tax increase concerns can be addressed with state legislators or the Governor.

The City of Townsend and Broadwater County operate under separate budgets. There is a cooperative agreement for snow plowing and spraying weeds, but agendas such as beautifying Main Street fall under the purview
of the City of Townsend, not the County.

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